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About Der Yi Industrial Co.,Ltd
              Shareyear Packaging material Co., Ltd established in 2005 is a high technology manufacturing company with advanced equipments, high production technologies and excellent teams. We mainly produce the products such as EPE foam rods, EPE foam tube bars, EPE edge cushions,EPE corner proofing ,EPE fruit sleeves ,EPE foam supporting frame,EPE foam volumes and EPE foam sheets and etc. Our goods are sold well in China and also popular in the world.
               The EPE is also known as expanded Polyethylene  . EPE foam compirsed of  non-cross-linked closed-cell structures is  a kind of  new environmentally friendly packaging materials. It consists of many  single bubbles of low-density polyethylene(LDPE) which is expanded by physical foamer. Being diferent from the frangibility, deformation and poor elasticity of the ordinary foam rubber, EPE foam has outstanding advantages of water proof , moisture proof, shock proof, sound insulation, thermal insulation, good plasticity, strong tenasity ,recycling, environmental protection, strong crashworthiness , good chemical resistance and etc. It is an ideal substitute of traditional packaging materials.
                EPE foam acting as a kind of good packaging materail is widely used in industries  of  electronic appliances, instruments,meters, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial chassis, lighting, arts and crafts, glass, ceramics, household appliances, spraying, furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware, toys, fruits, shoes inner packaging, daily necessities and etc. With antistatic agent and flame retardant added , EPE foam will have much more outstanding performance. 
                EPE foam is also used extensively as  handbags and luggage elastic lining, sound insulation and thermal insulation materials in industrial production,  thermal insulation materials in agriculture, floating equipments, protective pads in sports,  water rescue equipments, pads for home and hotels  floor decoration ,and so on. The pipes are extensively used in the industries of air conditioning, stroller, children's toys, furniture and others. 
                EPE foam bonded products are used as the interior decoration materials for the variety of vehicles and bedrooms. EPE-aluminum composite products has excellent performance of anti-UV or IR, is a good substitute for cold storage of chemical equipments and  sun-shading of camping equipments or cars.